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Shenzhen fook and science and technology co., LTD. Is a collection of sales、Service as a whole,Committed to the development of the security inspection equipment industry in the national high and new technology enterprise。Main business product:Raman spectrometer、Portable explosives drug detector、Double light source AnJianJi、Car inspection system、PortableXLight machine、SingleXLight machine、Liquid safety detector、Metal detector door and portable、Folding gate management、Ultra high sensitive multi-functional handheld metal detectors、Explosion-proof tank、Explosion-proof ball、Explosion-proof blanket、Face recognition、The brake machine、Human safety inspection system、Vehicle chassis safety inspection system and other security eod equipment。


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 Corporate news
·Suitcase with a nest,X-ray was the customs[2018-03-20]
·A passenger luggage contained in Shanghai113The fireworks,A subway security check...[2018-01-03]
·Aksu airports often seized apple hand type cigarette lighter[2017-12-18]
·Weifang a passenger carrying knives going to police seized on by train[2017-11-24]
·Woman for her husband to hide lighters to mix the sanya municipal public security bureau sent thousands of aircraft...[2017-11-16]
·Man flashlight in Tibetan dao,Subject to passXLight machine![2017-11-02]
·Mr Fukuda high-speed image“Assembly of guns”?The police alert to check[2017-10-30]
·Use need not when he past security“Hide”Radiation?Fook and the technology to tell...[2017-10-23]
·Men fly past security hidden tools,Been sanya police administrative detention5...[2017-10-16]
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SingleXLight AnJianJi,Raman spectrometer,Explosives drug detector,Double light sourceXX-ray inspection system,Container/Vehicle inspection system,PortableXLight machine,Face recognition,Dangerous liquid detector,Baggage screening instrument,SingleXLight machine,A portable security,Explosion-proof tank,Explosion-proof ball,Explosion-proof blanket,My torso,Sole metal detectors,Hand-held metal detector,Car scanning system

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