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  • Hebei ipb sculpture handicraft co., LTD
  • Hebei ipb sculpture handicraft co., LTD employees130More than one,Is a large bronze series enterprises,The main casting big figure of Buddha and all sorts of modelling of handicraft。The products include:Tripod for furnishing articles,Landscape sculpture,Animal sculpture,Bronze sculptures,The bronze sculptures of Buddha,Tripod for gods,Bronze dings,Bronze,Copper reliefs,Gold sculpture,Tripod handicraft casting,The variety is complete,Precision casting,Advanced technology,Exquisite workmanship。And the people from all walks of life、Temple to establish friendly and cooperative partner。Hebei ipb sculpture handicraft co., LTD., in strict accordance with the design standards、Production processing、To improve the quality of images、Increase the speed of completion,Ensure customer satisfaction。Our aim is quality strives for the survival,To the credibility of development,More than 20 years of unremitting efforts won recognition and praise from all walks of life。Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit、Guidance and business negotiation。

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Real factory2

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  • Ipb sculpture honorary certificate

Ipb sculpture honorary certificate